About Lotus

The Lotus:

A round heart with a defined center.

From there, filigrane veins strive to the leave’s edge, ramifying like capillaries.

That way, the needed holding is granted, but at the same time every single one strives for itself, gold grained and clear.

Reflects the light, soaks it up and changes itself with every new glance.


Every lotus heart

has its own completed structure in its color but is always in contact with others. 

Entangled and solid in exchange.

A perfect match one for another. 


Every human being needs its center, everyone needs the exchange. Just like the lotus. 

SHERMANS and Fair Trade

A respectful association with the craft and resources is a matter of course to us. That means that we support small companies and only let our products be hand made by family establishments. Hand crafted objects only exist once, they are filled with life and individuality.

Our lotus leaves are selected carefully, harvested and put together by hand, creating artwork after a secret procedure. That way every lotus picture is unique.