Lotus Wall Art by SHERMANS - the Original

vergoldete blätter als kunstwerk

Lotus pictures in XXL format

are available from now on including delivery. That means:

Buy two pictures In the format 120 x 120 cm or one in the format 120 x 240 cm, we deliver the pictures directly to your home for free!

Delivery after appointment by phone within 10 days (only within Germany).

wall art in verschiedenen Farben und formaten
silberne wandbobjektegoldenes wandbild von shermans
wandbilder in gold und silber


In our German studio, we use lotus pictures with striking metals according to your wishes.

Production time 10 days, delivery 3-5 days

schwarze luxusbilder

Lotus pictures as two-parter:

in the formats

60x60 cm
40x80 cm
60x180 cm
80x120 cm and
120x120 cm
We also have most colors as a two-piece stock.

wandbilder in orange
wandpanel blätter von shermans
wandobjekte aus lotusblättern
luxuslounge wandbild


The original. Real leaves, harvested and cooked in color. Like T-shirts dried on clothes lines and processed into works of art in over 18 colors. And finally brought to shine with gold-colored paint. Breathtaking, magically fascinating and colorful.


as a 3-dimensional object for colorful wall design. Handcrafted in over 40 steps, lotus leaves add depth and color to your walls.


as digital UV direct printing on glass or AluDibond. With brilliant colors and combinations in 6-8 color printing, creativity knows no bounds. Using the RAL color chart, we can take the "CD" of your company into account in almost all respects. Noble pictures, made of real leaves, are our special development. Maybe you know the lotus effect? The term refers to the low wettability of the surface of the lotus leaf. Responsible for this is the extremely complicated surface structure of the lotus leaves.

Viewed under the electron microscope, the structure of the leaf appears extremely rough. Microscopically smallest papillae line up like a carpet, the tips are wetted with a lotus own wax and between the papillae form the smallest air cushion. A drop of water - just like a drop of paint - has the urge to form a ball due to its high surface tension. When the drop comes into contact with another surface, the attractive forces begin to take effect. The drop of water wants to wet the other surface. Due to the double structure of the surface (papillae with air cushions and wax at the top), the drop continues to roll due to gravity, until it finally comes to a standstill in the calyx. On his way to "down" he takes all the dirt with him.

This is the famous self-cleaning effect, which is now copied or modeled by the industry.

So how does the color get into our leaves? In a complicated process, we cook each single sheet in color, sometimes up to eight times. The hardest thing is to let a green lotus leaf shine again in lush green. We use only textile dyes that are chemically below all limits.

In the gold veins of our lotus objects, we benefit from the completely different surface structure of the veins during refining. The "artist's gold" is again applied to these veins by means of special processes and finally makes every object shine like a natural relief.

Each lotus image or lotus object is thus an elaborately handcrafted unique piece. Whether in the wellness area, the doctor's office, the office, the lobby in the hotel, the restaurant, the stairwell, living room, bedroom or bar: with our lotus leaf pictures you bring colored and exotic accents into your "living spaces". The panels react to the different incidences of light and thus change their appearance time and again.

As one of our customers said so beautifully: "That's finally wellness for the eye"!

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