Lotus Wall Art by SHERMANS

LOTUS WALL ART - the original. Real leaves, harvested and cooked in color. Like T-shirts dried on clotheslines and processed into artworks in over 18 colors. And finally, with gleaming lacquer brought to the radiance. Breathtaking, magically fascinating and colorful.
LOTUS ART as a 3-dimensional object for colorful wall design. Lotus leaves are hand-crafted in over 40 work steps, lending your walls depth and color.
LOTUS ART PRINT as digital UV direct printing on glass or aluminum dibond. With brilliant colors and combinations in 6-8 color printing, creativity is almost limitless. Through the RAL color chart, we can consider the "CD" of your company in almost all matters.


Fine pictures, made from real leaves, are our special development. Maybe you know the lotus effect? This is characterized by the low wettability of the surface of the lotus leaf. This is due to the extremely complex surface structure of the lotus leaves.
Under the electron microscope, the structure of the sheet appears extremely rough. Microscopically the smallest papillae are lined up like a carpet, the tips are wetted with a lotus wax and between the papillae small air cushions form. A water drop, as well as a drop of paint, has the urge to form a ball due to its high surface tension. If the drop comes into contact with another surface, the tightening forces begin to act. The water drop would like to wet the other surface. Due to the double structure of the surface (papillae with air cushions and wax on the tip), the drop continues to move, because of the gravitational pull, until it finally comes to a stop in the cup. On his way to "down" he takes all the dirt along.
This is the famous self-cleaning effect, which is now copied or imitated by the industry.
How does the color come into our leaves? In a complicated process, we cook every single sheet in color, sometimes up to eight times. The most difficult thing is to let a green lotus leaf shine again in juicy green. We only use textile paints that are chemically below all limits.
In the case of the golden veins of our lotus objects, the completely different surface structure of the veins benefits us during the refinement. The "artificial gold" is again applied to these veins by means of special methods and ultimately makes every object shine like a natural relief.
Each lotus image or lotus object is thus an elaborately handmade unique. Whether in the wellness area, the doctor's office, the office, the lobby in the hotel, the restaurant, the staircase, the living room, the bedroom or the bar: with our lotus leaf pictures you will bring color and exotic accents into your "living spaces". The panels react to the different light incidents and thus change their view.
As one of our customers said so beautifully: "This is finally time wellness for the eye"!
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Lotusbilder im XXL-Format

gibt es bei uns ab sofort inkl. Lieferung und Montage.

D.h.: Kaufen Sie zwei Bilder im Format 120 x 120 cm oder eines im Format 120 x 240 cm, liefern wir die Bilder direkt zu Ihnen nach Hause und montieren sie auch noch an Ihrem Wunschplatz. Lieferung nach telefonischer Terminvereinbarung innerhalb von 10 Tagen. (nur innerhalb Deutschlands)

Wandobjekte in Gold und Silber:

Für Sie fertigen wir auf Wunsch auch jedes Format in Gold und Silber (Kupfer auf Anfrage). Die Wandbilder werden in unserem deutschen Atelier von Hand mit den verschiedenen Schlagmetallen belegt.

Produktionszeit ca. 10 Tage. Lieferzeit 3-5 Tage