40x80 cm

The Lotus: a round heart, with a...
The Lotus: a round heart, with a clear center. From here filigreed veins, like a corpuscle, strive towards the edge of the leaf, branching like capillaries. So give the center, and yet each strives for itself, gold-veined and clear. Reflect the light, absorb it, change with every new look. Each Lotus Heart has its own structure, in its color, but always in contact with others. Interwoven and stable, in exchange. A perfect combination of singles. Everyone needs his center, every person needs the exchange. Like the Lotus. SHERMANS and Fairtrade: Respectful handling of crafts and resources is a matter of course for us. This means: we promote small companies and only let ministry work in family businesses. Handwork is only available once, it is alive and individual. Our lotus leaves are carefully chosen, harvested and assembled into a work of art according to a well-guarded process. Thus at the end each lotus picture is unique.
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