Wall Units for Luxury Resorts by SHERMANS

For the autumn campaign "Padparadscha" of the swiss jeweler chain Gübelin we made lotus panels in rosé for 53 shop windows in Lucerne, Zurich, Basel, Geneva, Lugano and St. Moritz. Padparadscha is a rosé-colored sapphire mined only in Sri Lanka. The name comes from the Sinhalese and means "lotus flower".

Wandbild Lotus Gübelin Padparadscha

Wall objects for the Thai restaurant "Eat Cha Cha" in Hamburg

eat cha cha hamburg lotus

Design of the reception of a super modern orthodontic practice in the Black Forest with 30 black lotus leaves as eyecatcher behind the reception desk

wandbild schwarz lotus 3D

SPA design for private customers with gilded walls and river pebbles. The floor plan is designed like Yin & Yang.>

Goldene Wände
Goldene Sauna

Wall units made of real lotus panels: For the luxury resort ZURI ZANZIBAR we have developed lotus leather: TV cupboards with a soft cover made of real lotus leaves. The large flat screens are "hidden" behind the art objects made of lotus leaves.

Wandbild Lotus Zuri Zanzibar
TV Schrank Zuri Zanzibar
wall art in verschiedenen Farben und formaten

Dental practice with gilded walls

Goldene Wände
Goldene Wand

Design of a TCM practice with gilded reception

Goldene Wände
Goldene Praxis

Greenwall installation in London Parkplace for Lawson Robb. Actually, the client wanted to install genuine lotus leaves on a 10-meter-high façade as a "Green Wall". Was of course not realizable because of the environmental impact in the City of London. That's why we photographed lots of lotus leaves in HiRes and then digitally printed on AluDibond with our English partners. The leaf in the middle has a diameter of four meters !!!